Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

At Whitley Lodge First School our aim is to help all of our children to achieve their full potential by supporting their wellbeing whilst at the same time tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn such as anxiety and unhealthy relationships.

PSHCE helps children to develop key life skills such as teamwork, communication and resilience; all of which are crucial when navigating the challenges and opportunities of our modern world. We hope to nurture the core morals and values which will see them leave our school as kind, thoughtful and, most importantly, happy members of our community.

There are several ways we promote PSHCE through our curriculum. PSHCE is taught as a discrete subject every week and covers key themes such as new beginnings, resolving conflict in friendships, responsibilities and setting goals. We have a successful Buddy Scheme which allows the Year 4 children to be a Buddy for a Reception child. Throughout the year the children meet to share stories, crafts and have a catch up. We have a school council where elected children from each class can share and discuss their ideas about future school improvements and plan for national events such as anti- bullying week. Our multi- purpose, all weather running track provides the perfect venue for the Daily Mile and for walking and talking to friends and adults. Both of these are integrated into our timetables to promote mental wellbeing and an active lifestyle.

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