Mental Health and Wellbeing

For matters relating to Mental Health and Wellbeing, please contact the school via

Resources to Support Primary School Parents                   Connect Mental Heath Support Team



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Introducing the team from North Tyneside’s Mental Health Support.

Below is the presentation from Ailsa Hutchinson and Advanced Occupational Therapist from HIVE and Mental Health Support Team in Schools.

WLFS Mental Health and Wellbeing Presentation

The ICS Child Health and Wellbeing Network (CHWN) have recently launched the Healthier Together website , followed by a mobile application. The Healthier Together mobile application further enhances and complements the NENC Healthier Together website and system work to reduce anxiety amongst parents of children aged 0-18 years, and avoid unnecessary A&E and GP presentations. It educates and empowers parents to make informed choices of where and when to access the healthcare system.