Dear Parent/Carer

As some of you may be aware, a child from Key Stage one was able to remove himself from the playground by wriggling underneath the railings onto the school path. This child subsequently left the school grounds for a very short length of time. Members of staff were alerted immediately, as were the child’s parents, and the child was found quickly and returned to school safe and well.

In order to avoid distress and panic amongst the Key Stage 1 children in particular, staff were instructed to simply reassure the children that the child concerned had been playing a “silly game” but was back in school safe and sound.

We would like to reassure you that the school boundaries have been regularly inspected since their installation by Local Authority Health and Safety Advisors, as well as OFSTED and our own governors responsible for Health and Safety. The school grounds have been deemed safe by all of these bodies, and at no point has any individual highlighted this as a cause for concern. Advice was immediately sought from the Local Authority and, given that gates were locked, and boundary fences still intact, we were assured that this was not a breach in our safeguarding procedures, but an extremely unfortunate and unforeseeable incident.

However, it has been brought to our notice that rumours of the incident are circulating, and so felt it  best to advise parents directly of the true facts of the incident.

As some parents and children have noted, immediate action was taken regarding the railings and a temporary measure put in place. A permanent lowering of the railings will be undertaken as soon as possible.

We hope you are reassured that correct procedures were followed, our safeguarding protocols are robust, and your children are safe in the care of our school.


Kind regards

Fiona Lutman

Mandy Elkin

Emma Lucas