Dear Families

We are writing to pass on our thanks for finding ways to cope at this stressful time.

We are very aware that this period of school closure will impact children in different ways. Our hope is that everyone is able to cope as best they can with this new situation and manage to remain happy and healthy in mind and body.

Many of you will be expected to put in a day’s work at home, surrounded by children and all of their demands. Many of you have a partner working hard to keep the country going and are left to cope in the house. We don’t want to add to your pressure at this difficult time. Basically, if each child could do some reading every day, have a go at some maths and do some daily exercise that would be helpful.

Staff have provided you all with some great activities for the children to do both inside and outside, linked to all areas of the curriculum. If they can also do some of these, that would be great!

There may be some days when your child is not interested and on these occasions, don’t feel under pressure from school – use your judgement; play a game; listen to some music; contact a friend; let them use their imagination!

The most reassuring thing for us, is that the children are with you for much of their day and in some cases all of their day. You know your child better than anyone and you know when to push them on and when to let them sit back. Your judgement will be the right one.

From next Monday, the children would have been on holiday anyway and so for two weeks we would expect them to have their usual break from learning. The Twinkl website has an array of fun Easter activities to keep children entertained!

After Easter, we will be in touch with learning packs for each Key Stage for the summer term. These will revise already taught skills and concepts.

Finally, thank you again for all of your efforts. Whitley Lodge will open again and we will return to business as usual. We know that we are all looking forward to that day! Until then, stay safe, stay home wherever possible and stay healthy.